Friday, June 20, 2014

Pictures of Dinner

So, my family teases me a lot about taking pictures of food.  Usually, they are all sitting down for dinner or dessert and I'm like,"Wait a minute, I have to take a picture first."  They all groan.

So this morning, when I picked up my camera (it is usually sitting on the kitchen table) and looked to see what photos I haven't downloaded yet, this is what I found...

This was the Baby Boy's dinner.  He goes to class this semester from 6:30-8:00, right at dinner time, so we always leave his dinner in the fridge.  He eats when he gets home.  This particular night, I had already gone upstairs, put on my pjs and was watching T.V. or reading, then I went to bed.

This carb-fest is what he had for dinner.  Keep in mind I had lovingly made dinner for him and he ate this...not the lovely grilled pork tenderloin with home made mushroom gravy, broccoli, and salad I had made and left for him...
No, this.  He did get some protein with those carbs.  And he wonders why he didn't feel so well the next day?

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June 20, 2014   Sunrise: 2:58 am, Sunset 12:47 am  Temp. H 71/ L 53°F

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