Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Zucchini tots

This is the time of year in Fairbanks when you NEVER leave your car unlocked, not even in your own driveway.  Because, if you do, you will end up with pounds of zucchini.
I swear, I pick all the zucchini and the next day I find 7 more and half of them are giants!  The two of us just can't keep up.  We are eating zucchini at every meal...now I like zucchini (especially in chocolate cake) but enough is enough!

Well, all my neighbors are on to me and they always lock their doors.  If I leave it on their porch, they kindly return it with a "I think you forgot this" note...darn it!
So, tonight with dinner, we had zucchini yet again.  This time in a tot.  They are warm, cheesy, and take about 15 minutes to put together and 15 minutes to bake.  I made a double batch and put them in the freezer.  I still have about 15 pounds of zucchini to use.  Any suggestions?

Zucchini Tots
the Ketogenic Cookbook, Jimmy Moore ad Maria Emmerich

You can find the recipe in this book:

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