Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

I send wishes for a happy new year, full of love, good health, and exciting adventures! 

We spent Christmas with Gman and his people.  It was a fast, wonderful holiday FULL of delicious food.  I ate (and drank a little) and ate, and ate! 

Christmas Eve we went to the Seattle DIL's parent's house for dinner and family gifts.  Carol made a fantastic lasagna and had a wheat free version for those of us who were low carbing it.  Stuffed meatballs, salads, vegetables...it was a feast.  Then family presents.  How fun to watch kids open presents with abandon and squeal at the joy and delight of a new gift. I received a photo album of Gman and his adventures.  It was such a thoughtful gift from Carol.  Even though I can't be closer I'm so glad Gman has cousins, aunts, uncles, and his Nana and Papa only 20 minutes away.

The DIL had a wonderful surprise for me on Christmas morning; Keto crepes with fruit!  I was so touched that she went out of her way to make a special breakfast that I could eat without any tummy troubles. She also had Nutella, and I may or may not have had just a little with mine.  We also started the day with a champagne cocktail (cranberry juice, vodka and champagne topped with a sugared rim and cranberries on a sprig of rosemary for garnish) it was festive and beautiful.

A big surprise for all of us was a white Christmas.  We woke up to snow!  I was saying that it had been aver 30 years since I hadn't had snow on Christmas and it was a bit of a let-down, but I was not disappointed.  The DIL was very excited also and they went out and built a snowman with Gman.

It was a whirl-wind trip and we are home now, putting away our Christmas decorations and getting ready to head back to work.  My birthday is Friday and I thought I'd try making a crepe cake for myself and take it to the office.  The DIL sent me the recipe she used so I'll send along pictures of it after it is made later this week.
Gman loved his Nutella crepes!

I don't usually make new year's resolutions, I make birthday resolutions so I need to get them pinned down before Friday.  Some years I just resolve not to make resolutions, but this year I have some ideas for myself.  What resolutions are you going to be working on?
Christmas day lunch.  All Keto, what a thoughtful DIL.
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