Friday, November 30, 2018


When Gman and his people visit they have to attend to Grandma's naughty dinosaurs.  While we are all asleep, those naughty dinos do all kinds of things, and we have to clean up the mess in the morning (I totally stole this idea from Pinterest).  Gman talks about the naughty dinos and when we Face time he sometimes asks where they are so we have to show him where the dinos are sitting at that moment (The first time he asked, I had to frantically take them out of the box without him seeing - you gotta love Face time!)

So, this year we had four mornings with Gman, and 4 adventures for the naughty dinos.

Dino nest with Kinder eggs.

Eating Gman's favorite fruit snacks.

Not quite sure what this lesson is about.

Eating Grandma's Thanksgiving flowers.

We will keep this up until he is way too old for it.  I can picture us now, Gman is 14 and we are trying to sneak the dinos around so they can be naughty and he looks up from his video game and says "Not again Grandma!"

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