Tuesday, January 29, 2019


We have a new family member and I am so in love.  Franklin is the cutest little guy you've ever seen.  He is little, but he is mighty, the big white dog is afraid of him, but we are working on that.  We got Franklin for Christmas, and I didn't realize what a hole we had in our family until Franklin came along.  I know who needs one more mouth to feed, but I think we can make an exception for this guy.

Franklin is an iRobot vacuum.  He is scheduled to clean every afternoon at 3:00 while we are at work.  We come home to a clean floor and no more poodles (piles of dog hair) hiding under the table or chairs between me vacuuming on the weekend.  I even put him down the hall every morning to vacuum the downstairs bedrooms.  I can't believe how much dog hair Franklin picks up every time he vacuums and how much I love our cleaner floors!

Tek is afraid of Franklin.  Dave put Franklin in the entry the other night and Tek stood guard the whole time he was working.  Franklin would get a little too close and Tek would run for safe ground, only to creep back on him when he was headed a different direction.  It is a good thing Tek and Mooree are in the garage kennel when Franklin makes his afternoon rounds.

I am loving Franklin so much, I'm looking for iRobots to go on sale and get one for my upstairs.  With 4 dogs we always are struggling to keep up.  I brush the dogs every morning and vacuum every week, but I just don't have time to vacuum every other day, like I should, to keep up with the shedding.  I think Franklin needs an upstairs buddy.

So, while I check for sales, I snack on bagels and cream cheese.

Bagels, you say?  Those are not keto, but yes these bagels are.  There are lots of keto bagel recipes around.  I used the recipe from Carolyn Ketchum over at All Day I Dream About Food.  My bagels didn't turn out at thick as hers because I use my own shredded cheese and she uses pre-shredded cheese, the starch that is added to prevent clumping pre-shredded cheese gives the dough a little structure and so a thicker bagel.  I just choose not to use the pre-shredded cheese, but you can.  These are delicious with Everything Bagel topping from Trader Joe or your made at home mix, or plain with cream cheese or Legendary Foods Apple Pie or Pecan Pie butter (I often eat that stuff just on a spoon!)

So, make some bagels and shop for an Roomba...I could buy one faster if Roomba would sponsor me for this post (hint, hint!)

For Bagels go to:
All Day I Dream About Food

I like to weigh my dough so I can divide it evenly.

First I cut it into 8 pieces.

Then I weigh it to make sure each piece weighs the same.

Roll it into a snake, just like preschool playdough time.

My favorite topping. I stock up when I go someplace that has
a Trader Joe's

Eight little rings of joy in my oven!

January 29, 2019  Sunrise 9:42am  Sunset 4:26pm  Temp. H 14/ L -1˚F

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