Monday, April 8, 2019

Brownie Bark for the Road

I'm home for the weekend, just long enough for Dave to do my laundry, work on the truck a bit, and make a treat I can take with me.  I'm back on an airplane tonight for another week of work on the road.

One of the things I do on the road is organize and run teacher job fairs for Alaska School districts. I contract with hotels, order the rooms, order the food, advertise, and then make sure everything is going as it should during the event.  These people are looking for teachers for their schools and children and spend a couple months on the road, they often don't get to go home for the weekend, like I do.  This is a tough job, and with the national teacher shortage (did you know that?), it gets harder and harder each year.  The one thing I can do is to make sure they are well fed.  So, I make sure there is a nice breakfast, delicious lunch, and a sweet treat/snack in the afternoon.  The only problem is I sit there looking at and smelling the sweet treat.  Now, I've told everyone I don't eat grains so there is a little accountability on my part, and I know if I indulge in a cookie my stomach will hurt and I'll be rushing to the ladies room, so it really isn't worth it, but sugar smells so good.

Now, I always take a "safe" treat with me in my suitcase, usually Lily's chocolate.  But that last trip I was really craving brownies.  I figured I could make and take some with me (I also always pack safe crackers) so while everyone else indulges in cookies and brownies I can have something too.

I had to make this recipe twice.  I really notice an aftertaste, or after feel with Swerve (erythritol has a "cooling effect" for some people) when I get more than about 1/2 cup in any recipe.  I took the first batch over to my neighbor and she loved them, erythritol doesn't bother her.  The second time I made the recipe I used Boca Sweet, which is kabocha extract.  This gave me the taste I craved, but it did not crisp up so they are like eating the edges, which is my favorite part anyway, so a win-win!

These are delicious, like every Carolyn Ketchum recipe I've tried.  They are chocolatey, delicious and the perfect little bite with an afternoon cup of coffee or tea.  I won't care what anyone else is eating, I'll be having this.

Brownie Bark
All Day I Dream about Food
link for original recipe is here: All Day I Dream About Food

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