Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Update on the Truck and Cheese Wrapped Hotdogs

Dave has been working hard on the truck.  I've been helping the day or two I'm home between trips.  The last weekend I was home we got the last couple bolts out, both front fenders off, and the radiator drained and out.  Thanks to the hippy boy for helping! 

So, with all this work we needed lunch that was fast, filling and delicious.  I have been craving hot-dogs, something about spring and summer just scream hot-dogs to me, so I planned cheese covered hot dogs and these don't disappoint.
Notice the gate across the garage door, so the dogs don't come "help"

Draining the radiator

Pieces and parts, and a bird's nest from the neighbor

An old bird's next the neighbor cleaned off his window top. 
I collect them and put them in my greenhouse.

Heat your hotdogs thoroughly.

Use two pieces of cheese for each hotdog.
Fry your cheese; colby jack for me, pepper jack for Dave.
Add your desired toppings, I like mustard.

Once the cheese is crispy on one side, roll the hotdog to cover.

I used an offset spatula to help with the rolling.

Continue to fry until cheese is crispy and golden brown.

Dave chose to have kielbasa along with his hotdog.
Cheese Wrapped Hotdogs
hot dogs, kielbasa, and/or smoked sausage
two slices of cheese per hotdog, I like Sargento
mustard, ketchup or relish, optional

Heat skillet or griddle to med-high heat, I heated my griddle to 350°F.  Heat hotdogs until warmed through. Move to one side of the griddle.  Place two slices of cheese on griddle - overlapping edges a bit.  Heat until bottom of cheese is browned.  Place hotdog on cheese and lift edge of cheese with a knife of offset spatula.  Using spatula to help, roll hotdog with cheese to fully circle it.  Continue to cook cheese wrapped hotdog until all sides are golden brown.  Serve with condiments.

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April 16, 2019  Sunrise 6:12 am  Sunset 9:31 pm  Temp. H 49/ L 27°F

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