Thursday, April 16, 2020

Keeping a Positive Attitude, Week 5

I'm finishing up week 5 of working from home.  I want to complain but I also understand how very fortunate I am that I can work from home, I have a warm home to shelter in place in, I have a wonderful husband, my children are all safe and healthy and sheltering in place in their own homes around the country, I have enough to eat, and I have toilet paper, with a few rolls to spare (no, I didn't hoard tp, I just bought a case at Costco, like I always do, in early February and we haven't used it all yet). So, I am getting a little tired of only my company during work hours, Dave winning 3 out of 4 games of cribbage after dinner, the terms "the new normal" and "unprecedented times" and snow, because we still have a butt-load of it.

I need to work on my attitude, even by gratitude journal is getting a little monotonous.  I'm trying to keep things in a routine (I do better with that), eating healthily, walking outside when possible, and touching base with family and friends, but I am over this.  I want everything to go back to how it was, I want to drive down to the fabric store and just wander around and shop, I want to meet a friend for coffee, I want to throw a tantrum....

I guess we all have those moments, and I'm having mine.  So I need to pull my big girl panties up and soldier on with a more positive attitude.  And when I need a more positive attitude, I make myself treats.  So this week for breakfast, I made myself some pumpkin spice toaster waffles (my little dash waffle maker makes the perfect size for the toaster) from All Day I Dream About Food.  I am eating them with some sugar free maple syrup and toasted pecans.  Add a couple of sausage links and the day is off to a better start.

Find the Pumpkin Waffles here.

For lunch, I've been craving salad.  So I made a lovely salad and eat them with these crackers from Sugar Free Mom.  I like to toast them in my air fryer so they are warm and crunchy. I used the recipe for her Quick Keto Toast and just cut them into smaller cracker size pieces.

And I've reinstated the daily drink, but with no alcohol.  I've been enjoying the Lava Flow from Maria Mind Body Health.  I made a whole batch but only mix the ice in with a single serving each evening.  Sometimes I add the  strawberry on top, sometimes I don't and sometimes I just mix the strawberry into the whole thing.  Any way it is a delicious way to end the day.

So I am working on my attitude, one meal at a time.  I'm walking outside more, riding my stationary bike, and still writing in my gratitude journal and meditating. What do you do to help you get through the hard days?

April 16, 2020  Sunrise 6:09 am  Sunset 9:33 pm  Temp H 42/ L 30°F 

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