Friday, April 24, 2020

Raspberry Gin Daisy and Being Graceful

I want everyone to know, if I end up in the hospital and I am covered in bruises, my husband does not beat me, I am just that clumsy.  Dave likes to say that grace hits once every 15 seconds wether I need it or not...I always need it, but I don't think it shows up that often.

Yesterday morning, I was working away and needed to refill my coffee cup.  I went into the employee kitchen, plopped my mug under the Keurig and started a fresh cup.  I remembered I wanted to show Dave something on my phone so I turned around and headed down the hall to my office to find my phone.  I was thinking about where my phone was and talking to Dave when I tripped over the gate at the end of the hallway, bounced off the trim to the laundry room and fell flat on my face.  Not my most graceful moment.  Dave heard me bounce and came running.  I took a minute to make sure everything was still working (everything did), checked the wall for cracks or blood smears (there weren't any) and began to feel foolish.  I never did show Dave what ever it was that I thought I needed to show him, I went back for my coffee and got right back to work to hide my embarrassment and lick my wounds.

Well, after a fall like that I decided I needed an adult beverage that evening.  I made a Raspberry Gin Daisy.  Make this with this raspberry simple syrup for a fruity pink spin on the drink, or you can use plain simple syrup and add a little orange flavoring for a citrusy drink.  You'll have to have one of each to see which you like better.  But if you do, be careful, you'll be walking (and falling) like I did yesterday morning.

Gin Daisy
2 oz. gin
1 oz. lemon juice
1 oz. raspberry simple syrup or 1 oz. plain simple syrup and 1/4 tsp. orange extract
sparkling water
fresh or frozen raspberries for garnish, optional

In a shaker full of ice add gin, lemon juice, simple syrup (and orange extract if using).  Shake until very cold, strain into an old fashioned glass and top with a little sparkling water.

April 24, 20202   Sunrise 5:40 am  Sunset 9:59 pm  Temp. H 38/ L 26°F

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