Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Madera Cake

I am obsessed with the Great British Bake Off.  I first saw a couple of episodes when I was visiting Gman and his people, then my local PBS station started showing it (or I just noticed it).  I watched one season and the second season started, really I don't know what season the show is as I just discovered it on PBS but the season I'm watching aired in 2015.

I decided to bake everything the contestants have to bake, I mean, it makes so much sense to do this especially since I don't eat sugar and flour, and my husband doesn't have a sweet tooth.  But bake I must, so I might as well bake from this show!

The first week was cake.  Three bakes every week means three cakes to bake!

I started with Madera cake.  I've never had it or heard of it before.  I went to Pinterest to get a recipe and set to work.  Now, Mary Berry made a big deal about the crack on the top, I would not have faired well because mine did not have a crack.  I even googled "how to get a crack on Madera cake" but I didn't get a lot of help.

The other seemingly important item was to have candied fruit that was very brittle and clattered if dropped on a plate.  My candied fruit was a little soft but as it dried, it firmed up quite a bit.  Again, I probably wouldn't have been star baker with this bake.

It was good, I had one bite to see what it tasted like.  It was sweet and lemony.  I sent half across the street to my neighbor and half I took to work.  The neighbor and the office are pretty happy I gave myself this challenge.

Madera Cake
from Liv for Cake

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