Wednesday, July 3, 2013

White Water Rafting

Last Saturday we went white water rafting with Nenana Rafting Adventures down in Denali Park. It was a blast!  We've gone before, but we went on an oar raft where the guide does all the work and you just sit there and enjoy the scenery.  This time we went on an oar raft and worked our way down the canyon.  The four hour trip was amazing.

The drive is beautiful.  We got stopped for road construction once and had a lead car through the part of the road that was close to one of the forest fires.  Dave says we have three seasons: winter, break-up, and fire season.  The last couple of years have been right on.  The smoke thinned out by the time we got to Denali park but you could see a haze over the mountains.
Fire damage along the highway.

We went to Nenana Raft Adventures, had our safety talk and got suited up in dry suits.  Kinda like putting a large balloon on.  On the bus to the launch point and off we went.  It is a four hour trip over some rapids and some calm areas.  The scenery is beautiful and it was a good reminder why I am so lucky to live here.
The wild group we went rafting with.  So much fun!

That is me (top picture) on the left in the back wearing the blue helmet, my husband is on the right in the blue helmet.  The two in the back are the guides, they were awesome.  The other four are people my husband works with.  The two on my side are on-air talent (that means DJs).  The crew at Nenana Rafting Adventures was so fun, professional, helpful, and fun (did I already say that?).  I can't wait for our next trip down.

July 3, 2013     Sunrise 3:14 am  Sunset 12:31 am  Current temp H 72/ L 52°F


  1. White water rafting is a blast. My family and I went last summer and it was great. We made a lot of memories and it is something ill never forget. Thanks for the post, it really brought up some good memories.

  2. It really doesn't get any better than an Alaska whitewater rafting trip. The sights and sounds of Alaska's rivers are hard to beat! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

    1. And it was the perfect day. I hope you have had the chance to do this.


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