Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Present Requests

It was early October and I was sitting in a Buffalo Wild Wings in Michigan enjoying a dirty martini and trying to keep my eyes open until my dinner arrived so I could eat and walk across the street to my hotel room and go to sleep.  It had been a long couple of days for work out of town and I was really tired.  I got a text from the California DIL.  She asked if it was too early to make suggestions for Christmas presents.  I texted back that I always loved ideas.  So she asked if I would make her a Christmas tree skirt.  I started to cry...I was tired, I'm a big cry baby, the Cali DIL wanted me to make her something she would use for years, I'm a big cry baby, and I was really touched she asked.  The waiter came over and warily asked if everything was o.k.
"My daughter in law just asked me to make her a tree skirt!" I sniffed.
"And that's a bad thing?" he asked.
"No, it so sweet, it just made me cry." I hiccuped.
"Can I get you another drink?" he asked and scooted to a safe corner.

So I got right to work when I got home.  The plan was to have it done and in the mail before Thanksgiving, and with my travel schedule for October and November I knew I could get it done.  Then June got sick and I ran a little behind schedule.  Well, I did finish, Dave got it in the mail and she should have it any day now.  I really hope she likes it.

What a wonderful thing to ask a mother-in-law.  Thank you Kelly, I hope it is what you were hoping for and you use it for years to come.

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