Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Peppermint Pretzels

'Tis the Season of Eating!  You know the time between Thanksgiving when you start your eating marathon with a huge dinner and then pie (usually several kinds), and January 1st when you make your "I'm going to get back in control and lose a little weight," resolution.  In between those two events is life, full of cookies, holiday treats, eggnog, office parties, family get-togethers, and Starbucks eggnog lattes.  Yes, the Season of Eating is upon us.

And I am not one to be left out.  I still live by my prayer of "Dear God, if you won't make me skinny make all my friends and co-workers fat."  And I help that along by bringing goodies to work.  I saw a recipe somewhere for pretzel stacks...basically chopped up pretzels mixed into melted white chocolate and topped with crushes candy canes and dark chocolate.  Well, I had one better, I had white chocolate flips for something I was going to do in October and didn't get to it so I used them.  I crushed about 20 small candy canes, melted some white chocolate and some dark chocolate and got to work.

I laid the pretzels close together on a parchment lined cookie sheet, this is two bags...I ate the broken ones.  Then, using a spoon, I drizzled some melted white chocolate on the pretzels and sprinkled with crushed candy canes before the chocolate hardened.  I did two rows at a time to make sure the chocolate stayed soft and the candy cane would stick.
Using the microwave, I melted some dark chocolate in a small baggie, snipped off a small corner and drizzled the dark chocolate over all the pretzels and let them cool.
Once cool, I broke them apart and stored in a container for the 2 hours they lasted!  These were delicious.  I took a container to work and everyone ooooohhhhh'd and aaaahhhhhh'd about them, and they are really no work at all.  That sweet, peppermint, crunchy, with a touch of salt is very addicting.

Peppermint Pretzels

2 bags white chocolate covered pretzels, like Flips
white chocolate melting chips, I used Ghirardelli
dark chocolate melting chips, I used Ghirardelli
small candy canes, about 20 crushed finely

Lay pretzels on a parchment covered cookie sheet, close but not touching.  Melt white chocolate over a double boiler on in microwave.  Working in batches, drizzle white chocolate over pretzels, sprinkle with crushed peppermint.  
Melt dark chocolate in a baggie in the microwave.  Snip off small corner of baggie and drizzle dark chocolate over pretzels.  Let cook completely so chocolate will harden.  Break apart and store in covered container.

Enjoy the Season of Eating!

December 3, 2014   Sunrise 10:25 am  Sunset 2:56 pm   Temp. H 16/ L 1°F

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