Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Introducing Grayson Zachary, the beginning of the Grandma Adventure!

He is here!  After Mom going overdue, getting induced, pushing for 4 hours; that little stinker came via C-section. He came in wailing at 8 lbs. 1 oz, and 19 1/4 inches long. Mom and dad are recovering (although dad sure had it easy) and Grayson is home and settling in.

I am very lucky that my DIL wants me here and I have the ability to take some vacation leave from work so I'll be here a week.  I get cuddle time, diaper duty (I have already been peed on) and lots of pictures.

I also plan on getting 20 meals in the freezer for the kids.  DIL goes back to teaching as soon as she is healed, and the Curly Haired boy will be back to work before that, so sleepless nights with a newborn and working full time make for tired parents.  It makes me feel better that I can do something to help.
I will get to see this little guy every month with my travel schedule.  One nice thing about the kids living in the Seattle area, and flying out of Fairbanks you have to go through Seattle.
Grayson, just hours old.

I promise I will TRY not to just post pictures of my grandson, but I don't know that I can keep that promise.  A friend once told me, "There is only one most beautiful, smart, perfect baby in the world, and every mother has him."

I would add.."and every grandmother!"

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August 17, 2016  Sunrise 5:46 am  sunset 10:01 pm  Temp. H 73/ L 50°F

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