Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The End of Summer

Well, it is official.  Summer is over in Fairbanks.  The geese and cranes are circling the skies getting ready for their long flight south.  The garden is about done producing.  The nights are chilly again and it gets dark.  And...there are a lot of sick trees on the hills turning yellow.
This poor, sick tree is turning yellow!  I just don't know why...

I got home from Seattle and cried leaving that little bundle of baby.  The other grandma (Nana) is so lucky, she will babysit three days a week.  I had to start drinking at the airport.  O.K. so I always drink at the airport, but this time I had a good reason.

Dave and I went camping last weekend.  It will be my last trip since my fall travel season starts soon and Dave will be out at moose camp starting on Thursday.  I cleaned all my stuff out of the camper for winter storage, except my electric toothbrush.  I'll have to use a manual brush until Dave gets over there to pick it up for me.  Oh those first world problems.
Chilling at our spot.

I am filling 4 black garbage bags with garden/flower stuff every evening.  I am hopeful I'll be finished before I leave on my first trip in a couple of weeks.  That really is my big plans for Labor Day weekend.  Yahoo.

Classes started for the Baby Boy.  This is his last semester and he will graduate in December. He is so over school, but excited that this is the first of the lasts (last first day back, last mid-terms, last homework assignment, etc.)  I made him this banana bread to help him through his first morning back.  It was a warm and delicious way to start the week.  He needed it too.  At dinner last night he told us how he wore his shirt inside-out for the first two classes.  Yea, and he is going to graduate and be on his own.

I hope your week is off to a good start.

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