Monday, December 5, 2016

Orangesicle Champagne

I love champagne.  I love the cheap stuff that is about $12 a bottle (is that really champagne?), I love the expensive stuff that is $120 a bottle (but it is hard to enjoy drinking that much money) and everything in between.  I usually stick to the cheap stuff.

We went out to Sunday brunch at one of our favorite places.  I love their home made corned beef hash, they don't used the canned stuff, and I was offered a mimosa.
"Yes please, but leave out the orange juice."

The waitress just looked at me, so I repeated,
"Yes, I'd like a Mimosa, but leave out the orange juice.  Orange juice is just a waste of space in a champagne glass."

She said, "Then it is only champagne."
"Exactly." I replied.

She laughed a little funny and went and got me my orange juice free mimosa.  See, it is socially acceptable to drink a mimosa on Sunday morning, but not o.k. to drink a glass of champagne, so I get my mimosa, but I leave out the orange juice.

This drink is the one exception to my rule.  Adding the heavy cream makes it taste like a Creamsicle.  I really love those.  When I was a kid, the Swanson  truck (do they even have those anymore?  This big freezer truck would go from house to house and sell frozen foods door to door) would come to our farm and my mom would get a box of Fudgesicles and a box of Creamsicles. This was the one time I would choose fruit over chocolate.

This drink brings back memories of my childhood, sitting under the shade of the walnut tree and trying to eat my Creamsicle fast so it wouldn't melt down my hand in the 110 Kansas heat of August.
Next time we go to brunch, I won't ask for the orange juice to be left out of my Mimosa, I'll ask for some cream to go along with it.

Orangesicle Champagne

1/4 cup orange juice
1 T. heavy cream
champagne, well chilled

In a champagne glass, add orange juice and heavy cream.  Top with Champagne.  Enjoy.

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