Monday, December 19, 2016

One Tough Week

Getting to see this guy, made it all worth it!

Last week was a tough week for us.  I flew to Seattle to spend the weekend with the baby.  I tried to talk Dave into going with me, but just two weeks out from his surgery, he wasn't feeling it.  I had a great Saturday and Sunday, but Monday morning brought the flu.  The DIL woke up about 2:00 am and the Curly Haired boy woke up at 5:00 with it.  I took care of the baby and hoped he would stay healthy...about 11:00 he threw up all over me.  I was scheduled to fly home that day so I was wishing to just make it home before it hit me.  That didn't happen.

My brother in law was flying home from a trip and we met at the airport.  I wasn't feeling really great, but not too bad.  We boarded, I ate about 1/2 my dinner (I didn't even eat my brownie so you know I didn't feel well) and tried to sleep.  My BIL got up for the restroom, so I thought I'd get up too, when I stood up it just hit me.  I grabbed the airsick bag from the pocket in the back of the seat and made it to the lavatory.  I sat down to rest, feeling really hot, and the next thing I knew the flight attendant was knocking on the door asking if I was o.k.  "I'm fine." I yelled through the door.  Well, I never got sick, just felt terrible and sat in the lavatory for the final 45 minutes of the flight.  My BIL helped me off the plane, the Baby Boy picked us up from the airport and basically carried me to bed.  I was sick for the entire week.

Meanwhile, my husband, had gone to the airport the Sunday I was in Seattle to pick up a friend. He was helping him grab his luggage and picked up a 36 lb. cooler. The bone the dr. had taken the bone spurs off, made a pop, and he now has a hairline fracture.  So he is walking around in some major pain and is put back about 6 weeks from where he was before the surgery.  I keep telling him he should have come to Seattle with me and he wouldn't have broken his shoulder, he would have had the flu so I guess you just have to pick your poison. We feel like the walking wounded.  I'm glad the holidays are close and we have some time to rest.

In the meantime, we haven't done much but lay around the house and whine.  The Baby Boy finished his undergraduate degree and we ordered take out to celebrate...I haven't cooked anything for over a week.  I'm thinking next week we will feel better and go out to celebrate.

I hope you had an easier week than we did.

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