Monday, August 19, 2019

Apology for being Late to Work and Chocolate Muffins

Dear Boss,
I'm sorry I was late today, but there was a really good reason.  First, it was Monday, and we all know Monday mornings are tough.  Then, when I was cruising Facebook with my second cup of coffee, I ran across a post from All Day I Dream About Food with chocolate muffins.  Chocolate. Muffins. On Monday morning, so I had to make them.

So, I whipped up a batch of the Chocolate Muffins and I added some walnuts to the batter too, because - chocolate and walnuts. Then, instead of making mini muffins I made regular sized muffins.  I lined the muffins tins, spayed the papers (keto muffins really tend to stick), filled the muffins with the batter, filled the sink with water to wash the dishes while the muffins baked, and set the timer for 20 minutes. 

I happily washed the dishes as the timer ticked away.  Drank a little more of my coffee and turned around to see how much time was left on the timer (only 5 more minutes!) and noticed that I didn't put the muffins in the oven.  Nope, I set the timer and left the muffin batter on the counter.  So, I put the muffins in the oven, set the time for 20 minutes again and drank a third cup of coffee, I obviously needed it. 

After 20 minutes I tested the muffins and because I made regular sized muffins, not the mini muffins in the recipe, I needed more time.  I set the timer for 5 minutes, checked and added 5 more minutes, now they were done.  So, the muffins that should have taken me about 25 minutes to make have now taken me about 50 minutes, and I haven't even showered yet.

So I rush upstairs to get ready for work while the muffins were cooling. I was just a little late for work, but I have warm chocolate muffins in tow...does that make up for it?
Chocolate Mini Muffins
Find the recipe at: All Day I Dream About Food, Mocha Mini Muffins

I made 8 standard sized muffins and baked for a total of 30 minutes.

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