Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New Adventures for Family

My niece and nephew from a hike we took together this summer.

We spent the weekend at home.  We had family dinner the last time with our niece and nephew before they leave for their new adventure.  We cleaned house, cooked these ribs and these chicken thighs, had a couple salads and for dessert we had cheesecake and this rhubarb crumble (and no one knew the desserts were sugar free!).
Now I say we cleaned the house, but really Dave did it.  I had carpal tunnel surgery and my arm is wrapped and casted up to the elbow for 10 days, I guess to protect the stitches?  It is annoying and I'm not afraid to tell anyone and everyone around me.  The very worst part is I cannot straighten my fake straight hair.  Dave is doing so much I can't ask him to do it, so I am curly until I get the stitches out and I hate it so hard.

We had 17 member of or family over and I didn't take a single picture!  Dave even reminded me before people started coming over and I never touched my camera (major fail).

So, my niece and nephew are off to a new state, one of my great nephews is off to play golf at a school in Oregon, one to play baseball at a school back east, and Dave and I were talking about how much wood we need to get through the winter this year.  At least I have a couple new places to visit!

I hope you are having a great, cast free week.

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