Monday, May 23, 2016

The adventures of Bolty

Last spring, when Dave met me in Seattle for Easter weekend, one of the wheels on my suitcase was broken.  When we went to my niece's house, her man gave Dave a bolt, a washer, and two nuts to fix the wheel.  It wasn't a perfect fix, but it got me through the rest of that 3 week trip.  Once I got home, Dave fixed it and gave me the bolt and the nuts to take back to Beth's Man when I went down for the Baby Shower and to visit Beth's new baby.

A bolt, a washer, and two nuts.  I'm sure the Man wanted them back (insert sarcasm here)...

And Dave reminded me about 16 times, not to forget to give it back.  When I put it in my purse, he was worried that it wouldn't get through TSA, 'cus you can really be threatening with a bolt and two nuts (again, ISH)...

So the Chick and I decided to show Dave that not only did it get through TSA and we didn't forget to give it back to his home, we gave him a good time during the weekend.  We sent pictures, the whole weekend, of the bolt, doing different things.


Bolty made it through TSA, no problems.

At the train in the Seattle Airport.

Bolty buckled up and ready for the ride to Everett.

Trying to feel the baby kick.

Picking out dairy free ice-cream for the Chick.

Playing with Miss L.

Shopping for shoes.

Bolty at the candy store.

Lunch at Panera.

Finally home!

And with my man!

Miss E, because she is just so cute!

Yes, I know, feel very sorry for my husband.

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May 23, 2016  Sunrise 3:59 am  Sunset 11:40 pm  Temp H 52/ L 43°F

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  1. Very interesting post. I enjoy travel and always hope that my time spent with TSA is short, very short! I enjoyed your blog - I'll be back to visit again!


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