Thursday, May 9, 2019

Keto Margarita - the drink of Summer

I (try to) limit my adult beverages to one a week, usually a glass of champagne on Friday after work, or a mimosa (hold the orange juice) Sunday morning if we go to brunch.  But last Sunday, I made keto margaritas and they will be my go to for the summer.  They are tart, delicious, full of lime (I love lime - almost as much as I love commas and ( ) marks!) and so refreshing.

Now, some people like a salted rim or they like a blended drink.  I like mine salt free and on the rocks.  You can make yours however you want to, this is how I make mine.

I made them for our Cinco de Mayo dinner and have been craving them ever since.  I hope I can wait until Friday to have another one.  Oh wait, my brother in law is coming home for the summer, I might have to have one tonight to celebrate!

Keto Margarita

3-4 oz. fresh lime juice, from 3 limes
2 oz. silver tequila
1/2 tsp. orange extract
1 Tbsp. powdered Swerve
6 drops stevia glycerite, more or less to taste
crushed ice

Fill drink shaker with ice, add lime juice, tequila, orange extract, Swerve and stevia glycerite.  Shake until very cold.  Pour over crushed ice. 

Alternatively, pour all drink ingredients into blender with ice and blend.

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