Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Decorating Fall Mini Cookies

Fall is in the air here.  When ever you talk to someone they say, "Boy, it sure feels like Fall."  I know fall doesn't officially start for a while, but here in Alaska the trees are turning yellow, the nights are cooler (no frost in Fairbanks yet), and gardens are getting cleaned up and put away for another year.  Snow will dust the ground soon, and we will all settle into our winter mode.

I decorated these Fall mini cookies to embrace the season!  I mixed a brown sugar and spice cookie dough from Bake at 350 and added a little pumpkin spice mix to the royal icing.  They smelled wonderful, like grandma's fall baking.

Minis need a simple design, there are so many in one batch of dough, so I made polka-dots, swirls, and used some fun sprinkles to jazz things up.  It was a fun way to welcome a new season.

I got these mini cookies from The Four Box  the decorations are copied inspired from the video tutorial that is attached to her page.
All these from one batch of dough.
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September 12, 2020  Sunrise 7:23 am Sunset 8:03 pm  Temp. H 57/ L 40°F

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